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Zhou Song Solo Exhibition

August 30 - September 21, 2009

Today Art Museum (Beijing, China)
Artwork © Zhou Song. 


Zhong Song’s paintings - always eliciting a thrilling sense of shocking hysteria. This is because he uses unrestrained spatial creativity and precise, delicate visual expressions to create a form in which dreams and reality are intertwined with beauty and violence, constantly attracting viewers. In fact, Zhou Song's paintings have surreal aesthetics in form, but also surpass the narrative of realism in spirit. Each works seems to be the clairvoyance on the world’s nature through analysis of the objects’ connotative contradiction and antitheses parse. As a young contemporary artist, in the process of continuously constructing a personalized and new art style. Zhou Song has always maintained conscious and independent thinking; Not sticking and conforming to the existing style, furthering self-development, creating vivid paintings, and establishing a new ultra-figurative language.


Huang Du

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