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Oil on Canvas


Robot pictures a futuristic study of anatomy. A robot proudly stands, arms splayed open, to reveal the circuitry of metallic tubes, gears, bones and ligaments that compose its frame. Suspended in a stellar abyss, its toes rest not on a planet but on an orb whose folds resemble the surface of the human brain. Song again takes on a study of the humanoid form to reflect on distinctions between life and artifice, and on the possibility of artificial intelligence to acquire independent consciousness and feeling. He pictures the robot as a utopic savior, its outstretched arms evoking Christological iconography of the crucifixion, similarly suggested by a floating cross in the background. In so doing, Song considers relations between religion and science, and the ability of both to shape collective opinions on progress, community, as well as metaphysical and ethical truths.


The Robot

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