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Oil on Canvas


A disembodied head and two hands float against a grey backdrop in Dark Consciousness, their fleshy edges revealing wiring instead of veining. The painting points to the interdependence of humanity and artificial intelligence, one that might transform into an even more embedded relationship in the future. Metaphysical apprehensions over such an affinity are explored by means of portraiture, the humanoid’s puzzled gaze indicating an attempt to understand the confusing and undefined nature of his being. If machines might one day replace components of the human body, what remains of the human? Is consciousness tied to one’s physical form, or can it be programmed into new and enduring machines? Is the “self” shaped by religion or scientific materialism? A close focus on the figure’s disembodied hands brings such questions to the fore; while hands are surfaces that feature unique patterning, the essence of the humanoid’s individuality remain obscured and unknown.


Dark Consciousness

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