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Oil on Canvas


A woman stands frontally in a leather jumpsuit, her defiant gaze fixed upon the viewer. She holds utensils in either hand, a fork and a dinner knife, referencing the acts of material consumption required for human survival. Yet she does not have easy access to food and shelter, but rather to the relics of the past and present. Photographs of major historical strides in space exploration, including the 1969 Moon Landing, discovery of the Milky Way, and rocket ships, float around her among organic and inorganic matter–strawberries, robotic arms, metal scraps—as though space debris. The central woman’s grounded stance reflects the conflicted position of the subject in the post-digital era, grappling with the satisfaction of basic needs within an accelerating industrialized world. This conflict is emblematized by the robotic arm at the center of the composition, grasping a photograph of the atomic bomb—a symbol of the human tendency to use the same objects invented in the name of progress for destructive purposes.


Counter Time Travels

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